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ShockaCon 2014 Featured Guest: Erika Eleniak

Erika Eleniak ShockaCon 2014

Erika Eleniak ShockaCon 2014

That’s right, guys and gals, the stunning Erika Eleniak, star of Baywatch, Under Siege, The Blob, and E.T.: The Extraterrestrial will appear at ShockaCon 2014!  Though she’s best known for her iconic role as Shauni on Baywatch and her work as a Playboy Playmate, we monster kids know Eleniak has starred in numerous action, thriller and suspense flicks, not to mention the campy vamp movie Bordello of Blood.  After working all over the genre for years, what keeps her coming back?  “Mystery and fantasy.  Imagination is the substance of magic.”  Continue reading

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Autopsy Findings: Vampires! And they don’t glitter!

“The males were essentially predators, the darkness growing and spreading in them until they had no emotion, nothing but the dark in a gray, cold world.” Dark Prince Ch. 1 Pg. 2

I love horror, and I love romance novels, so, I read paranormal romance novels…a lot.  One of my go-to’s is award-winning author Christine Feehan.  I started reading her Dark books (of which there are a fuck ton) in the middle of the series and was enthralled so went back to the beginning.  Here’s my take on it.  And, as I am brilliant and omniscient, you should be reading my word as gospel. Continue reading

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Vivisection: Appalachian Horror with Frank Larnerd

Frank Larnerd

Dreamboat! Image Source

West Virginia lays claim to a plethora of award-winning authors, poets, and more. Frank Larnerd, local horror/scifi/crime writer, is one of those talents. With an impressive bibliography already under his belt, Larnerd has written some deliciously disturbing tales. Your favorite horrorful bloggers have been stal…..following Mr. Larnerd’s career for a few years and we are constantly impressed. Continue reading

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The Hammer Comes Down on ShockaCon

The Hammer in action.  ~From Dusk 'til Dawn

The Hammer in action. ~From Dusk ’til Dawn

ShockaCon fans are probably familiar with a little mid-90’s flick known as From Dusk ‘til Dawn, one of my all-time favorite films.  Or, maybe more recently you’ve seen Zombie Apocalypse: Redemption.  Maybe you’re a Starsky and Hutch fan (either film or series).  If you’ve seen any of these, plus or minus another 100+ films or TV shows produced since the 70’s, you’ve seen “The Hammer” – aka Fred Williamson – in action.  We’re excited to get to meet the man behind the muscle at ShockaCon 2014! Continue reading

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Idle Hands: Witch Jar

Witch Jar ThumbnailHave you pissed anyone off lately? Think about it for minute.  You consider yourself to be the all-time sweetest/nicest person alive, but I guarantee there is at least one person out there who despises the air you breathe because, I don’t know, you didn’t smile as you passed his/her sorry ass.  Here’s a horrorful little something to help protect you from all the hate spewing your way:  make a witch jar to deflect the evil back on the piece of shit wishing you harm!  Continue reading

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Last Meal: Robert Alton Harris

Seriously the worst idea we've ever had. Image Credit: Mike Winland Studios

Seriously the worst idea we’ve ever had. Image Credit: Mike Winland Studios

In this installment, we’re going to explore the final gastronomic experience of Robert Alton Harris, a pretty gross human being, notable only for his 1992 execution being the first in the state of California since 1967. Continue reading

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Vivisection: Local Filmmaker is Awesome (with Zero Support from Shitty Local Blogger)

Brad Twigg didn't pull any punches on 'Ghoulish Tales'!  In it to win it!

Brad Twigg didn’t pull any punches on ‘Ghoulish Tales’! In it to win it!

I first met Brad Twigg and then-girlfriend Mindy at Blood on the Beach 2012: two charming young people who were very supportive of Razor Sharp and loved horror with a wholesome glee that brought a lump to my throat.  And OF COURSE I was thrilled to learn on Facebook that he was making his own bloody horror love-fest up Martinsburg way, so I HAD to tell all you guys about it so you could get excited too!  Why the fuck has this draft been sitting in my dashboard for A FUCKING YEAR?  Because, folks, I’m a total dbag. Continue reading


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